Business Teleconferencing - Conference Calls for Success!
No Reservations Required - No Cost to Bridge Calls
1 Use Conference Call-in number 1-605-475-4262
2 Schedule with the Conference Code Generator below
3 Provide Participants with Call-in Number Access Code 


NOTE:  Be sure to generate a new code for each conference as access code will expire over time.  ENJOY YOUR FREE TELECONFERENCE and Conference call experience.

Free Teleconference Instructions will provide you with the information you will need to hold a successful conference and phone meeting.  Our communications conference solution serves many industries from business opportunnity. healthcare, legal, software, education, medical, engineering and, education, as well as, other related industries.  

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To reach the conferencing switch, all participants simply call the same dial-in number indicated in the box above and enter the access code provided by the sponsor company for the meeting.

The dial-in number may be local or long distance, depending on the location of the participants.   Although we do not charge for this service, long distance rates or tolls may be charged by the phone company that each caller uses (e.g. Sprint, MCI, AT&T, or other long distance carriers etc.).  We do not require the use of any specific phone company (nor do we know their rates).

To get started, follow the simple directions below:

Organize your Teleconference Call

1.  Give the  participants conference phone number above.
2.  Include the access code above in your communication.
3.  Inform participants regarding the date and time of the call.
4.  Instruct the participants to select 2 on dial pad to by-pass instructions.
5.  Have all participants call dial-in number above at the scheduled time.

Join a Teleconference Call

1.  Dial the phone number above for the conference.
2.  Select the 2 key to by-pass instructions. Enter the access code followed by the
# sign.
3.  First one in hears music on hold, others - announce yourself and join the conference.